Exhibit Booth in the Philippines: 3 Blunders You Should Avoid

Is your next trade show in the Philippines? No doubt, participating in an exhibit can be very expensive, tiring, and time-consuming, especially if it is abroad. Have you realized why? Mainly because your team needs to travel overseas.

Not only that… but also, you need to carefully plan and meticulously manage the transport of your exhibit booth. Whoa!! That sounds really tedious.

Anyway, I know you want to ensure its success, so read on to know what are the three mistakes you should keep from doing to avoid any form of disappointment.

Poor planning

If you want to have a significant presence at a trade show, you need to invest time in preparation. Keep in mind that preparation for trade shows needs to start at least three months ahead of the event schedule. Wondering why? It is because you need to:

  • Understand the event guidelines. Remember you are in a foreign country where some regulations in your country do not apply.
  • Identify your theme and goal.
  • Design the concept and physical look of your booth.
  • Prepare all necessary supplies including brochures and giveaways
  • Seek approval for the booth design ahead of time. So plan ahead!

Unreliable Logistics Provider

No matter where and how you need your exhibit booth standing at the venue on time for the event, right? Sadly, getting your display structure from point A to point B can at times be complicated. Why? Because there are many factors you have to carefully consider, such as:

  • You have to make sure that your display stand arrives on time.
  • You need to figure out if there is a warehouse you can use to store your goods.
  • You also have to ensure that your booth structure and its parts are intact.
  • After all, there is no way your participation at an event will be successful if your display stand is delivered long after the show has concluded.

With this, you probably now realized the risk of shipping your structure.

Fraudulent Exhibit Booth Contractors

If you have thought of getting the service of an exhibit booth contractor based in the Philippines, well this can be a great idea, since you can save time, effort, and money in transporting your display stand from one country to another.

Like in any other country, there are a number of trade show contractors in the Philippines, but very few can be trusted and delivered on time. So keep this in mind, do not be a victim of fraud. It is wise to exercise caution before you consider or sign a contract. The first important step to take is to check the credibility of a company. You should consider the listed tips below to ensure the reliability and effectiveness of an exhibit booth contractor:

  • If possible, get a referral.
  • Read legitimate client testimonials or feedback.
  • Check the track record of accomplishments.
  • Go through the photos on the website.

There you have it!! I hope this helps. So, think and decide wisely! Work with one of the most efficient and credible exhibit booth contractors in the Philippines.